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Why work with us

At Sysmatch, we invest in people as a way to achieve our clients' goals, which also become our goals when they trust their technological future to our teams. Our investment in technological specialisation has over 20 years of existence on the national and international scene, with information technology solutions developed for each client, for each industry. We live in different times and it is unquestionable how indispensable technology has become in our daily lives. We are looking for experts to join our teams in each of the technology fields, who want to make a difference and build a solid career in IT.

Our Values

Our teams are made up of engineers, managers, and recruiters who are specialists in each operational area, thus meeting the different challenges proposed to us. It is precisely this multidisciplinarity that leads us to know and identify the trends and demands of this digital area, in favour of an increasingly innovative service, capable of optimising the business of all those who come to us.

Why choose Sysmatch for your career in IT?


We believe that life is a continuous learning process, and entering the job market is just the beginning. Whether you want to improve your soft or hard skills, you can count on our support to develop your skills.


We value your goals and want to know what motivates you. To this end, we have defined a career plan with goals, where you will know exactly where you stand and what progress you have made.


We all start from the beginning, and sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone can be a real challenge. At Sysmatch, you can count on a mentor, someone who has already experienced what you are about to do, and who will support you in this new technological journey.


At the end of the day, we know that one of the most important things is the health and safety of everyone involved. That is why you can benefit from health insurance and countless advantages from a wide network of health care partners.


Sysmatchers have at their disposal a wide variety of companies that offer discounts and rewards in the most diverse areas. From gyms to banks, culture and entertainment, health and wellness, you can take advantage of all the benefits.


Because we know there is much more to life than lines of code, we prepare unique events for you throughout the year. You will have different and pleasant surprises, all with the same goal: to interact and share amazing moments among all the elements of this technological team.


We want to live up to your dreams. With us, you will have space to develop all your skills and reach further in your digital journey.


At Sysmatch, there are no geographical barriers. We have national and international projects that will challenge all your limits. So there will always be opportunities for new projects, new people, and new technological goals.


We believe that life is a continuous learning process, and entering the job market is just the beginning. Whether you want to improve your soft or hard skills, you can count on our support to develop your skills.

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Data Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

A Sysmatch é uma empresa de competências tecnológicas, especialmente vocacionada para apoiar os seus clientes no desenvolvimento, implementação e manutenção de sistemas de informação e soluções globais. Estamos a recrutar o seguinte perfil: Data Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa
- Fluente em Inglês; - Licenciatura em Engenharia Informática ou similar; - Mínimo 2 anos de experiência em ETL; - Experiência em DBs e SQL; - Experiência em SSRS e Power BI. O que te oferecemos: - Um projeto dinâmico num cliente bem-conceituado a nível Internacional; - Enquadramento salarial de acordo com a experiência demonstrada; - Evolução de carreira com intervenção em projetos tecnológicos ambiciosos e inovadores; - Integração em equipa dinâmica e heterogénea; - Acompanhamento personalizado a cada consultor; - Integração nos quadros SYSMATCH com acesso a todas as atividades da empresa; - Serás parte das nossas formações e dos nossos eventos Team Building. Processo de recrutamento, seleção e integração durante a Pandemia de COVID 19: Dado o contexto atual e de maneira a podermos proporcionar um ambiente seguro e saudável para os nosso candidatos e equipa de recrutamento, as primeiras entrevistas serão realizadas por chamada telefónica ou vídeo conferência. Estamos preparados para assegurar o acompanhamento e a integração dos novos colaboradores de forma remota e semi-presencial e apoiá-los nesta nova fase da sua carreira profissional.Para responder a esta oferta envie o seu CV atualizado com a Referência PC/DTNL/T para o email
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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator (m/f) - Lisbon

Analista Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Cloud Senior Engineer - Lisboa

Data Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Frontend (m/f) - Lisboa

BE Java - Desenvolvimento de Plataformas (m/f) - Lisboa

BE Java - Campanhas Digitais (m/f) - Lisboa

Sr Sharepoint - Power Apps Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Analyst (m/f) - Luxembourg

Java Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

DevOps/In-Control Engineers (m/f) - Lisboa

Software Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior DevOps Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Power BI Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

PySpark + BE (m/f) - Lisboa

Lead FS/BE Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

BE Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Application Production Support Specialist (m/f) - Lisboa

Scrum Master (m/f) - Lisboa

Microsoft Dynamics (m/f) - Lisboa

Platform Engineer Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Software Engineer Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Customer Success Tech Lead (m/f) - Lisboa

Customer Success Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

Infrastruture Automation Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Architect AWS Glue (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Microsoft Power BI (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Microsoft (m/f) - Lisboa

UX/UI Consultor (m/f) - Lisboa

Drupal Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Drupal Tech Lead (m/f) - Lisboa

Programador (m/f) - Lisboa

Android Developer (m/f) - Porto

IOS Developer (m/f) - Porto

Frontend Developer (m/f) - Porto

.Net Core Developer (m/f) - Porto

Senior Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior QA (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Modelling Lead (m/f) - Lisboa

Functional Lead (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP LO Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Teach Lead (m/f) - Lisboa

FrontEnd Senior Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Java Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Fullstack Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Software Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

QA Tester de Automação (m/f) - Lisboa

Java Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Java Spring Boot Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Java Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Embedded Software Engineer (m/f) - Coimbra/Vila Real

Salesforce Developer Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

Salesforce Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Júnior SAP BW (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Júnior SAP FI/CO (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Intermediate SAP BW (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Intermediate SAP FI (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Sénior SAP Retail (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Sénior SAP SD (m/f) - Lisboa

Analyst Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Mid/Sénior Java (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior IOS Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Sénior .Net (m/f) - Lisboa

CRM Dynamics (m/f) - Lisboa

Technical Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Outsystems Frontend Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Integration Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Quality Assurance (m/f) - Lisboa

IT Technical Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

SQL Server Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Platform Support Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Network Security Specialist (m/f) - Lisboa

Database Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

C# and SQL Server Support (m/f) - Lisboa

FullStack Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

DBA Junior (m/f) - Lisboa

C# Backend Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Technical Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Microsoft BI Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Database Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Frontend Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor DevOps (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

RPA Developer Analytics Support (m/f) - Lisboa

RPA Robotic Automation (m/f) - Lisboa

RPA Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Functional Tester (m/f) - Porto

Consultor Intermediate (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Sénior (m/f) - Lisboa

Junior Devops Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Cloud Network Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Hana Database Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

.Net FullStack Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Java Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Expert (m/f) - Brussels

Senior Angular Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Project Manager (m/f) - Brussels

Data Lab Engineer (m/f) - Brussels

SAP Cloud (m/f) - Lisboa

Analyst Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

OC Digital Frontend (m/f) - Lisboa

Technical Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Service Delivery Manager Specialist (m/f) - Lisboa

Oracle DBA Senior Technician (m/f) - Brussels

Business Analyst (m/f) - Warsaw

Frontend Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Extractor (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Analista Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Analista Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Project Manager (m/f) - Ireland

Scrum Master (m/f) - Lisboa

RPA Configurator (m/f) - Porto

SAP Ariba MM (m/f) - Lisboa

IOS Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Head of DevOps Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior DevOps (m/f) - Lisboa

Microservices Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP Successfactors (m/f) - Lisboa

Outsystems (m/f) - Linda-a-Velha

SQL Server DBA (m/f) - Lisboa

Gestor de Projecto Júnior (m/f) - Lisboa

Fullstack Ruby on Rails/React (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP ABAP Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP Fi/Co Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Operation Manager (m/f) - Brussels

Project Manager Officer (m/f) - Netherlands

QA Test Automation (m/f) - Lisboa

Web Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Android Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

DevOps Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

iOS Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Cloud Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Full Stack Developer (React + Kotlin) (m/f) - Lisboa

Python/ C++ Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

C++/ Python Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Developer Oracle/PL/SQL (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Developer Oracle (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP Data Archiving Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

BI Associate Consultants (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor BI (m/f) - Lisboa

Full Stack Developer ( .NET Core + Angular) (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Engineer (master data orchestration) (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Programador JAVA Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

Oracle SQL Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Data Extractor (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Support (m/f) - Lisboa

Data & AI Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Cobol Mainframe Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

Cobol Mainframe Junior (m/f) - Lisboa

Analista Funcional Junior (m/f) - Lisboa

Analista Funcional Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester ( Remote) (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP FICO Senior Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Developer Angular + React (m/f) - Lisboa

Frontend Developer (m/f)- Lisboa

Full Stack Java Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

BI Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester de Automação (m/f) - Lisboa

Técnico Administrativo de RH - Estágio IEFP (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Funcional (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor C++ (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP CO Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP BW (m/f) - Lisboa

PHP Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Java Backend Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

ABAP Consultant Junior (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Project Manager- Magnitude (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP BW/BI Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

IT Risk Assessor- DevSecOps (m/f) - Lisboa

IT Risk Assessors (m/f)- Lisboa

BI Senior Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Full Stack Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Analyst - Gestão CMDB(m/f) - Lisboa

Data Extractor (m/f) - Lisboa

BI Senior Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Frontend Developer (m/f)- Lisboa

Senior Workplace Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Technical Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

Outsystems Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Outsystems Developer Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

Full stack Senior (Node/React) (m/f) - Lisboa

Full Stack WEB Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Full Stack .Net WEB Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Cloud Designer-Azure (m/f) - Lisboa

Project Management office (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Mulesoft (m/f) - Lisboa

Business Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Analista Orgânico (HOST/COBOL) (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP CPI Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Tester Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Analyst Developer Angular (m/f) - Lisboa

Analyst Developer Backend Services (m/f) - Lisboa

Symfony Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Backend .NET Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior JavaScript Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

JavaScript Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

QA Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Júnior (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Senior (m/f) - Lisboa

Frontend Software Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

iOS Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Android Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Outsystems (m/f) - Lisboa

SAP Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

Outsystems Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Java Spring Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

.NET Developer (m/f) - Coimbra

Business Analyst (m/f) - Lisboa

Integrity Check Tech Lead (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior FrontEnd Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior .NET Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Java Developer AD2 (m/f) - Lisboa

.NET Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

.NET Developer- ERP (m/f) - Lisboa

Project Management Office (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior Project Manager (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Appian (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior DevOps SRE (m/f) - Lisboa

Database Administrador - Linux (m/f) - Lisboa

Java Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Consultor Java Spring (m/f) - Lisboa

IT Platform Engineer (PaaS/OpenShift/Linux) (m/f) - Lisboa

Analyst Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

Project Manager (m/f) - Lisboa

Mid/Senior Java (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior SAP PP Consultant (m/f) - Lisboa

DevOps Engineer (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior IT Technical Architect (m/f) - Lisboa

Senior DevOps (m/f) - Lisboa

Administrador de Sistemas (m/f) - Lisboa

Web Designer (m/f) - Lisboa

Web Developer (m/f) - Lisboa

FrontEnd Developer (UX) (m/f) - Lisboa

BackEnd Developer JAVA (m/f) - Lisboa

Mongo DBA (m/f) - Lisboa

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How does the whole recruitment process work?

Submission of application

At this stage, find out all the IT jobs we have available. You can apply for the ones that best match your profile. If you prefer, send us your spontaneous application..


Let's meet! This will be the moment when you tell us about your work and experience. Our recruitment team will introduce you to the project and, in return, we want to know what really motivates you and what your goals are for the future.

Technical interview / customer interview

We will put your hard skills to the test. You will meet the technical manager and talk a little about the projects that we have at the moment and that you may join.


Finally, the long-awaited moment has arrived. Whatever the final opinion, we guarantee you a reply within 3 working days. If it is positive, you will receive our proposal, which you can analyse.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the whole recruitment process work?

At Sysmatch, we recognise the value each candidate places on us when they choose to join our team. You can find out more details. here.

Which technologies may I work with?

We work with the most current technologies, both back-end and front-end. Find out more in our list of programming languages and frameworks.

Is there a career plan?

As soon as you join our technology team, you will know what development you can accomplish and what you will conquer with us in the future.

May I attend training when necessary?

You can and you should. Changes and updates come at a tremendous speed, greatly impacting innovation in this area. Whether you want to learn new skills or simply refresh your existing ones, you all have our support to start your training journey.

Is there flexibility to try out new projects?

Because we have clients in various business fields and with different structures, you will be able to try out new projects whenever the need arises and thus gain know-how in different industries.

Is there the possibility of hybrid working?

Depending on the project, you may choose to work some days remotely and others at the office.

Is there a referral programme?

If you are already a sysmatcher and have a friend looking for a job in IT, refer him/her and receive unique advantages. Find out more here.