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Software features for commercial paper management

Participant Management

For an efficient management of contacts and bank accounts, you can enter information on the parties involved in the process: issuers, investors and agents, in the platform. Determine the amounts, deadlines and programme plans.

Information Organisation

For a more straightforward daily management process, tasks can be easily checked on the platform together with associated events. You can also set alerts for an important event in the management of commercial paper, where issuers and subscribers to the financial asset will receive an alert.

Simplified Issuances

Sysmatch's commercial paper management software enables the automation of direct placement processing, as well as sales management in a secondary market transactional environment. The auction results are then automatically sent to participants.

Billing Management

The management teams can now monitor the accounting movements of commissions received and credit notes. Outputs can be produced in a SAFT environment.

Automated Repayments and Guarantees

It will be possible to calculate the associated interest and generate a repayment even before the maturity date, thus terminating the issuances.

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