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Why is it important to implement a Quality Management System in your Company?

In the first instance, a quality management system makes it possible to mitigate some procedural errors, human or otherwise, which in other circumstances could lead to significant inefficiencies in delivering value to the end customer. In this way, irreproachable quality levels are ensured, without compromising your customers’ trust, which otherwise could represent serious costs or reductions in the company’s profits.A company with a quality management system in place will present premium levels of quality in the delivery of the product or service to the end customer.

What are the Benefits for your Company?

Eficiência da organização -  sistemas de gestão da qualidade

Greater organisational efficiency

Eficiência da organização -  sistemas de gestão da qualidade

Reduced operating costs

Eficiência da organização -  sistemas de gestão da qualidade

Conformity in product or service delivery

Eficiência da organização -  sistemas de gestão da qualidade

Competitive advantage in the face of competition

Eficiência da organização -  sistemas de gestão da qualidade


We support your Company in obtaining the following Certifications:

ISO 9001

This certification is responsible for the constant improvement of procedures, making the operation of companies more efficient. The priority is to ensure a continuous improvement of services, reducing operational costs as well as associated risks, which will translate into a greater confidence from its customers.

ISO 45001

Responsible for health and safety at the workplace, this standard enables companies to ensure compliance with legal requirements in terms of safety on the job. Continuous improvement provides risk mitigation and the prevention of injuries related to the performance of workers' duties.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard ensures companies a continuous commitment to environmental responsibility. Today, a commitment to the best environmental practices is one of the requirements for the sustainability of a company in each sector.

ISO 27001

As one of the biggest assets of companies, data must be protected and information security must be a priority. The ISO 27001 standard ensures the effective management of all critical company information.

NP 4457

Associated with the innovation progress of companies, this standard is applied in companies dedicated to research and development. The objective is to ensure compliance with processes in the creation of new products, services, methods, processes or a combination of these.

We Support our Clients in Internal Audits

If your company is in the process of certification, we have auditors who implement audit and internal management processes, ensuring compliance and process efficiency. All non-conforming points, improvement opportunities and risks are indicated.